I started as a Volunteer for the Finsbury and Clerkenwell Volunteers in September 1993. I do escorting on shopping trips, push wheel chairs, help out at the Lunch club 2 days a week. I am committed to the FCV. I will help any way I can. I will push clients to doctor’s appointments etc. On Fridays I get 2 housebound clients their shopping. I do gardening, hanging and changing curtains.

If help is needed, I am there!


I’ve lived in London for about a decade and in one neighbourhood long enough to feel very much a part of it. I wanted to be active in the community and knew I wanted to volunteer with the aged because I know how isolated, lonely and overlooked some older people can be. I put myself in their shoes. If the tables are turned some day, I hope there will be someone to visit me. I found the Finsbury & Clerkenwell Volunteers through a web search. They were instrumental in introducing me as a befriender. Each week, I visit a lovely, sharp and full of life woman in her 70s who is home bound. Once a month or sometimes more often, I have lunch at Kennedy’s with a 94 year old former bus inspector with loads of WWII and old London stories. You would never guess he was 94! Juggling these commitments and work can sometimes be tricky and I have had to change the time of my weekly visits a few times, but I’m committed, so I make it happen.


‘My name is Gabriel and I started to work here with volunteers about 2 years ago.

From my very first day I was happy to realise that, as well as helping my local community, I had discovered many interesting people, clients and volunteers alike, with some wonderful stories.

So here I am, still enjoying doing the same small but important things that bring so much enjoyment – sharing ideas, laughs, jokes . . . . ‘