I became involved with the Finsbury and Clerkenwell Volunteers around 1986. My sister worked for them. They have given me and my family great support when we needed it, plus, transport when needed. Great day trips and parties.

Catherine (Kay)

I live alone. In April 2005 I was visited by an outreach worker who made me aware of all the services from the Finsbury and Clerkenwell Volunteers. I now attend their Lunch club, have been on day trips and on escorted shopping trips. They find an escort to push me in a wheel chair. They escort me to hospital appointments. What would I do without them.


Support from the Finsbury and Clerkenwell Volunteers started 22 years ago. I was a carer for my sister Diddy, and the volunteers sat with her whilst I went out for a few hours, they also sent us on a special needs holiday. My first for many years. When she died, they gave me all the support you would get from a loving family. They still continue to do so. I get taken by ambulance to the Lunch club twice a week, go on shopping trips with an escort, go on day trips with door to door service.


I started receiving support from the Telephone club in early 2011. They ring me twice a week to make sure I don’t need anything. When I need to go out for appointments, they bring a wheel chair and an escort to push me, as my eyesight is failing. I could not go anywhere on my own.


I heard from friends of the wonderful services from the volunteers. I phoned and asked to join. Since then, I go to their Lunch club, go on shopping trips, day trips. I have received much needed support with problems. The Telephone club phones with support and advice constantly.


After the sudden death of my husband in 1991, I needed support, which came from F&C Volunteers who started a woman’s support group for widows. I started mixing with others who needed visits, then I started to help in Lunch Club, taking people to hospital visits, visiting our clients who had gone into hospital. I feel very useful in helping others.